Professional translation and linguistic services

Language learning

We offer a wide variety of language courses in all European languages with focus on:



Specialized segment courses (commercial, legal, accounting, courses prepared according to individual needs)

Preparation for A level exam

Entry exams to the university

Preparation for TOEFL  (Test of English as a foreign language), TOEIC (Test of English for international communication), IELTS (International English Language Testing System) language exams

We predominately focus on small group courses (for example language teaching for those interested in studying, living and working abroad). Teaching is supported by use of the following textbooks;Speakout (Pearson-Longman publishing house) for English language, Prisma (Editorial Edinumen publishing house) for Spanish, EditoEleve (Hatier Didier publishing house) for French and ThemenAktuell (Max Vueber Verlag publishing house for German language.  Our teachers are professionals with many years of practice, adequate university education or native speakers.

Prices for our services are listed in the price list. Especially interesting are our discounts for people up to 35 years of age.